Getting Around and About

Dry stone walling at Parsonage Farm

Throughout the ages people have been finding ways to travel around our landscape, hunting food, herding animals, seeking work, finding resources, seeking warmth or for worship. Many of these ancient highways and by-ways survive to this day, as ancient stone walls, sunken paths, abandoned tracks and leaning guideposts. Some of them have developed in to the footpaths and bridleways we use today, some are our roads and motorways and some the railways that were so influential in Victorian times.

Explore the network of ancient and modern routes and learn about the tales they have to tell, from the salt routes of Cheshire and Yorkshire to the milestones and boundary stones dotting the area.

In more recent years people have been making their way to the countryside for pleasure and recreation - you can explore new walks and sites in the area including major routes such as the Trans Pennine Trail and areas of open access land such as Whitwell Moor and Wharncliffe Heath.

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  • Ancient byways and routes in the area
  • The story of local milestones
  • Today's long-distance routes and open access land
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Wharncliffe Crags
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